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6/14/2019 Update, my experience and final conclusion

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this great making money online opportunity in youtube where you just watch videos and earn money from it.

Lots of YouTubers were promoting this site ( and showed proof of payments that they are earning this $xxxx amount of money every week (sounds too good to be true).

Even though I have doubts in my head I still joined the program because I wanted to find out if it is real and so I can share my experience to people out there who are trying to make money online.

So I created an account and play with it for 3 days. I did the math and it turns out I can really hit the minimum cashout amount per week and if I upgrade my account, this will give me a good amount of payout per week.

Took a day to decide what upgrade plan to purchase so I did some math and came to decide to get the EXPERT PLAN which costs me $94.20 good for 1 year. This plan is expected to return $117.28 per month which is great, in just a month I can get my investment back plus a $23.08 profit.

I went on completing my workmine tasks every day until the payout day came. I was able to accumulate $42.30 on that day (June 6, 2019 Thursday) so I requested a withdrawal amount of $40 and waited 24 hours for the payment to reflect.

I checked my online wallet the next day and no payment came through from workmines and that is when my hope of getting that $40 payout keeps getting lower and lower as hours passed by. I did some checking online to see if other users are experiencing the same thing and they did. I tried accessing the workmines website to see if I got available tasks (which is expected to reset already) but nothing is there, no more tasks the whole 24 hours.

The next 24 hours (June 8, 2019) I checked my online wallet again and still nothing came through so I checked the workmines website again and BOOMM!!! the website is down showing different kinds of .net errors. I keep on checking that day to see how the site is going and also did some checking again to see if other users are experiencing the same thing and they did even those youtubers who promoted the website also experienced it.

Long story short, all of us workmines users waited a week for the site to go back online and hoping that they pay us out once they are back in business. Today is the 9th day from the day I got scammed and today is the day that I will conclude that Workmines will not going to go back online anymore and for that I tag them as 100% SCAM SITE.

Note: I do not easily conclude online money making opportunities as scam, I always test it, invest on them if necessary and wait for further results before I conclude.