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Ripple XRP Price Analysis Today January 2, 2021

Last month, a few days after the Flare token snapshot, XRP dive down due to the SEC lawsuit that was filed by Jay Clayton the day before he resign from his position as SEC Chairman.

The XRP price went down further as US crypto exchanges started halting XRP trades due to the fear that they might get sued as well.

The dip went down to $0.174 from $0.778 but right now it is starting to crawl back up currently trading at around $0.23.

Today I will try to discuss the XRP price on what to expect in the coming days based on what I see on the current XRP chart. This is not a investment / financial advice so trade at your own risk.


If you look at the 30min timeframe you can clearly see that it is forming a triple top trying to break the $0.25 price. Triple top is considered bearish in general.

From its low ($0.17) you can see that it is creating a higher low, an up trend, however; due to the fact that it failed to break $0.25 three times there is a big chance that it will go down again if it fails to break $0.25 within this week. It will either re-test the $0.17 again or go down further depending on how the Ripple lawsuit goes.

My Standing

I still believe in long term for XRP and I believe that this lawsuit will be resolved just like any other lawsuit that Ripple faced months and years ago. They will either win the case or pay the fines if they lost against SEC.

It is risky but imagine the price if Ripple will win this case. High risk high reward.


Litecoin Miner ( review, Is it a SCAM or a Legit Litecoin mining site? [UPDATE]

litecoin halving
Litecoin Halving Countdown (

Litecoin halving is on its way and it is 52 days left, everyone is excited and hyped trying to accumulate as many Litecoin as they can. As for me I have no budget yet so I look around online to see if I can mine Litecoin for free.


I found this interesting website called LitecoinMiner ( that allows you to mine Litecoin for free.

Litecoin Miner ( review, Is it a SCAM or a Legit Crypto mining site?

They also have 4 different packages for you to upgrade which increases the amount of Litecoin you can mine per day, but for me I want to stick to the free plan until it is proven legit based on the number of successful withdrawals I can get.

Right now I currently mined 0.00028500 LTC in just a few minutes and I am expecting 0.0035 LTC / day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 LTC which I think it will take a week before I can get my first withdrawal request.


Right now I can not conclude but I am hoping that it is not a scam, but hey! anything can change anytime. I will be updating this post and keep you all updated about the status of this free Litecoin mining website.



I waited weeks to be able to request a withdrawal, I was able to request three times but unfortunately all of my requests are pending.

My first request is pending for more than 10 days already so I guess it would go the same as to my other requests. And for that I can conclude that this is a scam site and a total waste of time. Update, my experience and final conclusion

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this great making money online opportunity in youtube where you just watch videos and earn money from it.

Lots of YouTubers were promoting this site ( and showed proof of payments that they are earning this $xxxx amount of money every week (sounds too good to be true).

Even though I have doubts in my head I still joined the program because I wanted to find out if it is real and so I can share my experience to people out there who are trying to make money online.

So I created an account and play with it for 3 days. I did the math and it turns out I can really hit the minimum cashout amount per week and if I upgrade my account, this will give me a good amount of payout per week.

Took a day to decide what upgrade plan to purchase so I did some math and came to decide to get the EXPERT PLAN which costs me $94.20 good for 1 year. This plan is expected to return $117.28 per month which is great, in just a month I can get my investment back plus a $23.08 profit.

I went on completing my workmine tasks every day until the payout day came. I was able to accumulate $42.30 on that day (June 6, 2019 Thursday) so I requested a withdrawal amount of $40 and waited 24 hours for the payment to reflect.

I checked my online wallet the next day and no payment came through from workmines and that is when my hope of getting that $40 payout keeps getting lower and lower as hours passed by. I did some checking online to see if other users are experiencing the same thing and they did. I tried accessing the workmines website to see if I got available tasks (which is expected to reset already) but nothing is there, no more tasks the whole 24 hours.

The next 24 hours (June 8, 2019) I checked my online wallet again and still nothing came through so I checked the workmines website again and BOOMM!!! the website is down showing different kinds of .net errors. I keep on checking that day to see how the site is going and also did some checking again to see if other users are experiencing the same thing and they did even those youtubers who promoted the website also experienced it.

Long story short, all of us workmines users waited a week for the site to go back online and hoping that they pay us out once they are back in business. Today is the 9th day from the day I got scammed and today is the day that I will conclude that Workmines will not going to go back online anymore and for that I tag them as 100% SCAM SITE.

Note: I do not easily conclude online money making opportunities as scam, I always test it, invest on them if necessary and wait for further results before I conclude.