Litecoin Miner (ltcminer.us) review, Is it a SCAM or a Legit Litecoin mining site? [UPDATE]

litecoin halving
Litecoin Halving Countdown (https://www.litecoinblockhalf.com/)

Litecoin halving is on its way and it is 52 days left, everyone is excited and hyped trying to accumulate as many Litecoin as they can. As for me I have no budget yet so I look around online to see if I can mine Litecoin for free.


I found this interesting website called LitecoinMiner (ltcminer.us) that allows you to mine Litecoin for free.

Litecoin Miner (ltcminer.us) review, Is it a SCAM or a Legit Crypto mining site?

They also have 4 different packages for you to upgrade which increases the amount of Litecoin you can mine per day, but for me I want to stick to the free plan until it is proven legit based on the number of successful withdrawals I can get.

Right now I currently mined 0.00028500 LTC in just a few minutes and I am expecting 0.0035 LTC / day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 LTC which I think it will take a week before I can get my first withdrawal request.


Right now I can not conclude but I am hoping that it is not a scam, but hey! anything can change anytime. I will be updating this post and keep you all updated about the status of this free Litecoin mining website.



I waited weeks to be able to request a withdrawal, I was able to request three times but unfortunately all of my requests are pending.

My first request is pending for more than 10 days already so I guess it would go the same as to my other requests. And for that I can conclude that this is a scam site and a total waste of time.