Adding custom domain to your blogger blog the simple way.

Blogger is the most common online blogging platform out there today being used by many,  because it is easy to use, easy to add a theme, lots of free themes available online, easy to tweak, and of course it is connected to Google.

Having all that is not enough if you do not have a good domain name for your amazing blog. Today I will teach you the 6 simple steps on how to get your domain name connected to your blogger.

1. Go to your blogger dashboard

2. On right hand side of the page beside the button "View Blog" click the arrow pointing down.

3. Click the option "Settings" from the drop down menu.

How to connect your blogger to your external domain name the simplest way
Step 2 and3 Locating the settings of your blog

4. On the Settings page under the section Publishing click the link "Setup a 3rd party URL of your blog".

How to connect your blogger to your external domain name the simplest way
The link where you can add your external domain name

5. A box will show up where you can type in your domain name. On the box just type in your domain name that you bought from  a hosting company or somewhere. Note: There should be a "www" before the domain name like "www.sampledomain.com".

6. Click the button "Save" and this should give you an error saying "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12".

How to connect your blogger to your external domain name the simplest way
Step 5 and 6 Screenshot
Below the error is where you can find the instruction and the information you need to connect your domain name to your blogger.

How does these two information work?

The "www" and "ghs.google.com" is the hosting space of your blogger, this is where your domain name will point to when people view your blog.

The "kofxljfghpnr" and "gv-ijme7b7ro4yfk3.dv.googlehosted.com" are random IDs used for domain verification and monitoring. These IDs will be used to monitor your domain name if it is still active or not.

How do I use these information to my domain name?

The easiest way to use it is through setting up a subdomain name. Here are the steps on how you can do it. Let say you have a domain name called "amazingblog.com" registered under Godaddy or 1and1 or CrazyDomains and so on, what you need to do is:

1. Create or setup a Subdomain name called "www" under "amazingblog.com". The subdomain name should now look like "www.amazingblog.com" after it is created.

2. Access the DNS Settings of your subdomain "www.amazingblog.com".

3. Change the CNAME of the subdomain "www.amazingblog.com" to "ghs.google.com".

4. Create another subdomain and name it "kofxljfghpnr" so the second subdomain should now look like "kofxljfghpnr.amazingblog.com".

5. Access the DNS Settings of your subdomain "kofxljfghpnr.amazingblog.com".

6. Change the CNAME of the subdomain "kofxljfghpnr.amazingblog.com" to "gv-ijme7b7ro4yfk3.dv.googlehosted.com".

7. Done

NOTE: Each hosting or domain registrar company has different control panels and different ways of handling CNAME and subdomain names. If you are not familiar on how to create a subdomain name or setting up CNAMES, you have to contact their support for assistance or walk-through.

How long does it takes for the domain name to go live with my blog?

Most of the time it is instant after you click the button "Save". If your domain name or blogs does not go live after a day then you might need to check your subdomain names and CNAMEs for typos and then check your domain name status if it is active or being on hold due to some company policy issues.

Hope this topic helps, if you have further questions regarding this topic, please comment down below. Thanks